How can following Love & Logic® help me?

Together, we will learn skills that..

You can do this!

Arguing over homework?
Bribing kids to do chores and behave?
Fighting with kids over their devices?
Constantly playing referee?
Feeling like you must yell to be heard?

Example - Modeling healthy behavior is our most powerful tool

Experience - Mistakes are priceless learning opportunities

Empathy - Showing empathy teaches empathy

These are the Three Es of Love and Logic!

Imagine a calmer, happier home free from yelling, nagging, guilt, and frustration - filled with learning, caring, and mutual respect.

Take the journey of Love & Logic® with me as we develop and refine the most intuitive approach for effective parenting.

Help you feel more relaxed, hopeful and positive about your children and your relationship with them. You will discover that your job as a parent can be really enjoyable, and you can teach personal responsibility and respect without losing your kids’ love.

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Do you find yourself:

Learn How to be a Patient, Inspiring Parent!