In A Healthy Classroom  leadership is not just on the teacher but shared by the whole class, utilizing the relationships and group dynamics created. The teacher creates a unified team that when established, will work regardless of the adult in charge.

Love & Logic®

A Cat in the Doghouse

Effective parenting solutions and skills to feel more relaxed, hopeful and positive about your children and your relationships with them. Teach personal responsibility and respect without your kids’ love.

(Part of the Relationship Trilogy)

A Healthy Classroom

Krista Grinder & Michael Grinder of Michael Grinder Associates (MGA)

Spend less time disciplining your classroom and more time teaching. Develop the classroom management skills necessary to take full control of time & resources, redirecting energy consumed by dealing with student arguments into positive, productive learning. Proven, low-stress solutions for highly successful educators

(Part of the Relationship Trilogy)


(Part of the Relationship Trilogy)

A Cat in the Doghouse provides understanding and techniques to help build relationships with those hard-to-reach students.  Learn to understand and recognize dynamics and patterns that can either push them further away or bring them closer over time!

How can we recover the future of our children in education post-COVID-19?


Not only will teachers gain an hour plus or more “curriculum” time weekly by implementing ENVoY® but they will be preserving the relationships they have created with their students while holding high standards.


Professional Development workshops are an integral part of classroom management. Research shows that almost 50% of teachers feel unprepared to manage their classrooms, including teachers with significant classroom experience and more than 40% of new teachers say they feel underprepared or just moderately equipped to manage their classes.

Defy the statistics with me as I help you use influence to take control of your class while understanding your students better with the concepts that inspire and transform the way we lead and care for our future generations.